We ran throught the new ACA outline for Beginner Surf Kayak last weekend. ‘

New’ meaning the use of S.O.T’s. I believe. Implimented by Ben Lawry, it does makes a lot of sense. Anyway, the Surf Jet proved a great ‘entry level’ craft for what we were doing. . The Jets work well because they are light weight and very maneuverable, easy to slash the tail around giving students a good feel for turning on a wave….The ladies were completely juiced up by the end of the session and checking out Tybee surf side real estate. Some more pictures….


The much heavier ‘Scambler’ was easy to catch waves on but lacked any other real ‘surf kayak’ characteristics .

susans-surf-squad-3.jpgConditions were ideal 1-2ft with a 3fter out back every now and then. The Jets were easy on , easy off.


Small waves, small class, big fun…and about 5000 spectators.