Just back from two days paddling on the Llyn peninsula North Wales in my Cetus LV, Ally had her Bahiya, Bob M and Deb Cook were in old style PE Capellas. We had a superb trip along this fascinating coast line. Sticking out in to the Irish sea it gets its fair share of wind and storms but we caught it pretty nice.



We put in at Morfa Nefyn and paddled along the coast West playing in the chop and having a look at the fascinating coast line that makes North Wales so special. We were loaded pretty heavy as it was my birthday trip so we were carrying quite a bit of liquids, the boats all handled the wind blow chop really well and so life was easy! The usual crowd of your pup seals followed us for ages watched by careful mothers.

After a bit of a swim in the sea we set about making our overnight camp on a lovely sheltered spot called Porth Widin. Bob M collected firewood, Deb started to cook a wicked curry and me and Ally dropped a few lines and brought up some nice Pollack for dinner too!


Dinner around the fire was followed by much drinking and the opening of a bottle of rather nice Champaign!



We slept well and the morning was brought to courtesy of some blustery winds and pretty big swells running up the peninsular so there was no way we were going to continue around to Hells Mouth! It was going to be a bouncy ride back as it was.

The swell was running at an award angle to us so we had to play about with the skeg’s a bit but they really made a difference especial as the boats were loaded up and we had a few interesting surf’s on the way back to keep us on our toes as the bigger sets rolled in.

We finish a fantastic trip off back in Morfa. W were all beaming at the fun we had just had. This is what its all about for me, adventures, friends and having some fun out on the water. Cheers to Ally, Bob M, Deb for making this one so special. P&H for the boats that make it all possible! To see more photos check out our Campbell Coaching site at

Bob Campbell