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The Scorpio MKII LV is finely tuned to maximise performance for smaller and lighter paddlers.

This is the ultimate expedition platform for those who want increased durability over that of a composite sea kayak, making a P&H Scorpio MKII the ideal choice whether you’re an individual with a penchant for rocky launches and carefree beach landings, a professional user who’s out in demanding conditions day in and day out, or a centre whose boats are used and abused by hundreds of clients every year.

A sandwich layer polyethylene construction gives the Scorpio MKII’s hull a supreme stiffness-to-weight ratio beyond anything offered by a single-layer polyethylene sea kayak, allowing it to efficiently cut through the waves, whilst also featuring inherent buoyancy and a weight that is easily manageable both on and off the water.

The Scorpio shares the same progressive hull profile as its composite counterpart, the Cetus, transitioning seamlessly from a slender bow to a highly stable, slight ‘V’ body with rounded chines, giving a smooth ride and effortless control in all conditions; generous bow rocker means that the Scorpio MKII also runs with the waves like no other polyethylene sea kayak out there.

Building on the legacy of the original Scorpio, the Scorpio MKII has retained the same essence that makes it the sea kayak trusted most by paddlers across the globe, with just minor tweaks to the hull profile for improved stability in waves and when kayak sailing, and a deck redesigned around the requirements of modern sea kayaking.

The back deck volume has been reduced and the cockpit rim profile lowered to provide easy rolling and smooth re-entry, and the bow deck profile has been tweaked slightly to provide more comfortable connectivity around the knees and allow a sail to lay flat against the boat when not in use. Drainage has also been improved around the hatch covers, and the hatch rims themselves angled slightly to improve access, particularly when loading longer items such as tents.

With a whole plethora of other additions such as recesses for secure split paddle storage, moulded-in inserts to take a kayak sail mast foot, and the option of a standard skeg or the revolutionary Skudder system, no other polyethylene sea kayak on the market is as fully featured and ready for adventure as this.

Also available in CoreLite X



  • Designed around open water expeditions but equally suited to day trip exploration.

  • CoreLite construction with inherent buoyancy and an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio.

  • Bungee-retained, ergonomic toggle handles for comfortable carrying and safe rescues.

  • Market-leading KajakSport hatch covers throughout.

  • Available with Skeg or the revolutionary Skudder system.

  • Versatile, 4-Hatch design; Bow, Stern, Day and Pod (lightly angled for easier access).

  • Moulded-in fittings for fast and simple installation of the P&H sail systems.

  • Lightweight and highly durable bow and double-stern foam bulkheads.

  • Form-fitting, 5-point adjustment; seat trim, foot pegs, hip pads, thigh grips and backrest.

  • Skeg slider positioned on deck to avoid interference with high angle paddle strokes.

  • Low profile back deck and cockpit rim for easy rolling and re-entry.

  • Split paddle and compass recesses on forward deck.

  • High strength, full deck lines and bungees for ample storage and rescue options.

  • Textured P&H logo on deck and hull.


Length:508cm Width:53cm Internal Cockpit Length:76.5cm Internal Cockpit Width:38.5cm
Total Volume:271l Front Hatch:49l Day Hatch:21l Rear Hatch:51l                                  Mini Hatch:4l
Corelite Weight: 28kg
* Please note these specifications are meant as a guideline only
Length 508cm / 16' 8"
Width 53cm / 20.8"
Internal Cockpit Length 76.5cm / 30.1"
Internal Cockpit Width 38.5cm / 15.2"
Total Volume 271l / 71.6 US gal
Front Hatch 49l / 12.7 US gal
Day Hatch 21l / 5.5 US gal
Rear Hatch 51l / 13.5 US gal
Mini Hatch 4l / 1.1 US gal
CoreLite 28kg / 61.7lb
Load Weight Range 50 - 110kg \ 110 - 242lb
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