In the Spring this stalward BCU boy got updated as an ACA Open Water Instructor from Geneva Kayak’s own Ryan Rushton in Lake Michigan. It was a good time and no one got injured too bad so I considered it a win. Now, Ryan runs a good show and got me to thinkin’, “Why don’t I do me some ACA stuff and work towards becoming an IT?” I mean, our P&H Team is lousy with ACA instructors and I am tired of getting pointed at so why not?
With the season of 2009 coming to an end and 2010 looming in the near future I thought I might just Carpe me some Diem and hit the trail in search of some courses to work on…cut to; Sea Kayak Carolina and Tom Nickels. These guys are top notch and are clearly having a gap in reason as they have invited me to come down and work on a program with them in December…3rd-8th to be exact. As everyone knows I am a lonely guy and scared of things unknown to me so if you would like to come down and hold my hand, head over to and book your ACA stuff today. Oh, did I mention it’s on the South Carolina coast and we will be at Foley Beach, one of the best surf beaches on the eastern seaboard?