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Just introducing myself

It’s time for me to introduce myself as the newest member of the P&H paddlers family. I’m Kate and I’m the proud owner of a lovely, shiny, red Cetus LV. Here’s a short account of its first time on the water.

Having unwrapped layer after layer of plastic and cardboard and revealed my new boat in all its red and white beauty, I didn’t feel I could consign it to the shed straight away, so she spent a fortnight in my living room. It made getting to the kitchen a bit of an obstacle course, but it did mean I could admire the unmarked shining gelcoat.

Finally, work was done for the week and I could go paddling. The first launch was at Trearddur Bay on Anglesey. The weather was too rough for real paddling so we had to make do with a bit of surfing.

The Cetus LV is lovely and light, an easy one person carry.

Here’s the moment I had been waiting for.

And finally afloat.

A few wobbly moments later and I was getting used to a lovely lively boat.

photo by Jim Krawiecki

All in all I think it’s a grand boat. It’s fast, and narrow just where the paddle goes. It’s incredibly manouvrable, and whilst it’s happy sitting up on an edge, it doesn’t really need a lot of edge to turn. I think I’m going to really enjoy paddling it. Just need some decent weather to give it a good run out.

Late autumn colors on the lake

It´s always fun to take my cetus out for for the usual trip at may home lake.

I love to see new places all over the world, but I am always happy to be back home on “my ” lake too.

Here are pics form this lovely afternoon with the peace of paddling









Surfing at Tybee Island


Danny Mongno teaching in the surf. Photo: Richard Davis

Fun in the sun on Tybee Island at the BCU Skills Symposium and Tybee Island Surf Jam. Click here for more photos.



P&H Demo Days, Summit to Sea, Anglesey, North Wales

It seems hard to remember back to 1st August now when the wind was blowing and the sun was shining but Summit to Sea had an amazing few demo days over on Anglesey.

P8020157Together with Pete Baars we had the biggest range of P&H boats out on the beach I have ever seen.

The Saturday we had super strong winds so a day of hiding and playing amongst the buoys and boats in Porth Diana was the topic for the day. The clients had a great time testing the turning capabilities and stability across the P&H range, The Cetus and Scorpio LV being the winners it appeared.

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