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Don't let other paddlers get your Goat!

Goat rescue

Well this is not exactly what I had in mind… I have rescued a lot of people before, but this morning I had to rescue a goat. The poor little guy wandered off a cliff and got stuck in some blackberry bushes down on the river. Good thing we came along on our morning paddle and found him!

Goat rescue


Vaughn Tentsite

Brave Boat Harbor

Snoozing in the sun

Dinner on Whaleback

Sarah, Suz and Rick


Things with three

Things with three… three on the sea, three light houses and oddly enough, three mile crossings.

Sarah, Suz and Rick

I do wonder how and why the coast of Maine has been so conveniently laid out in three mile segments with rocky outcroppings to navigate by. So, three was the theme over the long three day Memorial Weekend. We were three on the water, Sarah, Rick and I.

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