Celebrating a decade of the Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium fills us with overwhelming joy and pride as we declare this year’s instalment to be our most exceptional offering to date. Beyond being a mere paddling event, the symposium has blossomed into a vibrant gathering, uniting community members, local businesses, passionate paddlers, and skilled coaches for an unforgettable weekend filled with extraordinary experiences on and off the water.

P&H Leo MV at the Argyler River

The exponential growth of camaraderie, community dedication, and shared enthusiasm is a source of immense pride, making this milestone anniversary a living testament to the positive impact the Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium has had on fostering connections and creating lasting memories. With a foundation rooted in commitment, integrity, and a focus on the long game, the symposium stands as a beacon for those who cherish not only the thrill of paddling but also the enduring bonds and positive community spirit that enrich our lives. Here’s to a decade filled with joyous paddling, continuous learning, and the ongoing building of a community that celebrates the love of the sea and adventure!

Highlight for this year’s symposium

A surge of enthusiasm and anticipation filled the air as 74 sea kayak students, guided by a dedicated team of 18 coaching staff, embarked on a thrilling three-day paddling adventure. Behind the scenes, the success of this year’s symposium was fuelled by the hard work and countless hours of dedication by numerous volunteers. Their meticulous planning and unwavering commitment ensured flawless session execution, showcasing seamless coordination and teamwork. As the kayaks gracefully navigated the water, not only were skills strengthened, but a profound sense of camaraderie and shared enjoyment blossomed among the participants. This immersive experience was not just a testament to the adventure on the water but also to the dedication and hard work behind the scenes that made this symposium an extraordinary success. Here’s to celebrating the triumph of this remarkable paddling adventure, cherished by all who partook in this aquatic journey!

Staff serving the Lobster dinner.

We are elated to share the fantastic news of yet another triumphant lobster supper at Ye Old Argyler! Our heartfelt gratitude extends to Alexster Fisheries Limited for their generous contribution of the finest lobsters, elevating our delightful evening. Special thanks are also due to Tusket Toyota for their invaluable sponsorship, making this event possible and enhancing the overall experience for all attendees. This lobster dinner’s success is not only attributed too exceptional seafood but also to the hard work and dedication of countless volunteers who played crucial roles behind the scenes. Their efforts, combined with fantastic community support, made this event truly memorable. Here’s to another year of joyous gatherings and delicious moments, a testament to the collaborative spirit that brings our community together!

P&H Team Paddler Adam Harmer with his team Sunday during the symposium.

The community dinner at the West Pubnico Fire Hall was an undeniable success, fostering warmth and camaraderie among neighbours. Our sincere appreciation goes to Committed 2 the Core Sea Kayak Coaching for their support and the delightful complements beer sourced from Tusket Fall Brewing, adding a unique touch to the event. The success of this community dinner was made possible not only by the generosity of contributors but also by the hard work and dedication of the countless volunteers who devoted many hours to ensure its success. The West Pubnico ladies auxiliary plus members of the fire department made the whole meal amazing. Witnessing the positive impact of these collaborations transforms a simple gathering into an extraordinary occasion. A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to making our community dinner a truly special and thriving event!

Testimonial from Coach Sid Sinfield And P&H team Paddler

“It was great to get across to the Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium. It was a really well-organised and executed event, as always. It is great to see an event that links with the local community to help them understand why we all descend upon their local area to explore its beautiful coastline. I can’t think of another event that does this. Likewise, taking the time to organize an additional ‘coaches day’ for those attending to be able to take the opportunity for some shared learning. Helping to connect the coaching community from across North America and wider. The event allowed those involved to explore the amazing coastline that this part of Nova Scotia has to offer. A great event and one not to be missed.”

P&H Team Paddler Sid Sinfiled calling students’ names at morning briefing.

Testimonial from Donna Hendy Bay of fundy participant.

BOFSS was an excellent all ‘round experience. – The on water sessions met my paddling needs – the variety of coaches and paddling locations gave me an plenty of opportunity to stretch and challenge myself, and take away skills and drills to continue learning after the symposium. – The off water time provided plenty of opportunity to interact with friends, meet new paddlers and coaches. – The final added bonus was connecting with members of the community, at the community dinner, and knowing that they were happy to have the symposium in the area. Everything from car horns blasting as folks paddled at the Argyle River, to waves and shouts of encouragement from folks along the shore near the Forchu Lighthouse, and folks in boats on the water watching sessions, and commenting on and asking questions about the things they saw when they were at the dinner.

West Pubnico Fire Cheif Gordon Amiro and Odette D’eon acceting a cheque from Christopher Lockyer Executive Directory of the Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium.

In the face of the wildfire that swept through the South West Nova Scotia area in the spring of 2023, our community rallied together with resilience and generosity. The devastation left behind by the fires affected vast expanses of forested land and numerous residential areas. Recognizing the crucial role of our local fire departments, particularly the dedicated volunteers of the Vollentee Fire Department, who serve as the backbone of rural communities in Nova Scotia, we felt compelled to support their efforts. As a member of my local fire department, I understand the physical and financial challenges these heroes face daily. This year, during our symposium, we organized a silent auction, receiving generous product contributions from esteemed paddling retailers like Kokatat and P&H Sea Kayak. With the collective efforts of our community, we were thrilled to donate $10,000 to the West Pubnico Fire Department, demonstrating the positive impact we can achieve when we come together in solidarity.

As we wrap up the festivities of our Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium’s decade celebration, we’re pleased to share some practical details for the future. Take note and mark your calendars, as we’ve set the dates for our upcoming symposium! We invite you to join us for another gathering, filled with paddling, learning, and community spirit. Save the dates of October 4-6, 2025, and plan to be a part of the experience. With a decade’s worth of memories behind us and the expectation of more to come, we’re genuinely excited about the prospect of bringing people together once again. As we count down to 2025, let the anticipation grow, and we look forward to seeing you for what promises to be another memorable chapter in our symposium’s journey! Sea you in 2025