So, let’s talk about safety!  It has been a while since our first “Worst Case Scenario” video (where we are recovering an unconscious victim in awaiting of the Coast Guard) and our attention was drawn by a few real-life stories from fellow paddlers that lost their boat during their trips.  Why is it that a board surfer is tethered to his board, and a surf skier is also tethered to his surf ski….?  But I rarely hear sea kayakers tethering themselves to their boat?  Of course, it can be dangerous in specific situations such as during surfing, or during rock hopping.  But when one goes offshore than there are only benefits by attaching yourself to your boat.  We tried a few setups during the past year, going from the use of the long tow line on the belt to a mid-size safety line, to the short tow line just in front of the cockpit.  I chose the last option, where I hook the carabiner of the short tow line (a piece of bungie) to the loop of my spray deck.  That way I can still pull my spray deck in case of emergency, it is also not in the way of a roll.  There is also a minimum risk of entanglement.  This video shows what could happen if you lose your boat, and how you can prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario.  Feel free to comment or share experiences and what works best for you.  Have fun and be safe on the water!