Photo by Bob Burnett

The 3rd annual Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium was held over the weekend of February 18/19/20th. P&H were one of the main sponsors of the event and as a P&H Team member and co-director of the symposium I couldn’t be more proud of my affiliation with this company. Not only because of the financial contribution P&H made to our event but because during the weekend everywhere I looked there were P&H Team Paddlers getting people stoked on boating. There were folk in Delphins pushing their skills in the rock gardens and tide races, and even the boss Graham Mackereth showed up and demonstrated that he not only leads the finest kayak company on the planet, he is also capable of showing the way on the water as well. Watching the Boss leading his group through the flood tide past the North Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge was very, very cool. It was obvious that this Olympian knows about boats, and how to handle a kayak in a four knot current with reflected swell thrown into the mix. And then Dominick Lemarie caught this great shot of the Boss powering through the tide race at Yellow Bluff.


The Boss at Yellow Bluff. Photo by Dominick Lemarie.

I want to thank Jim Hager of Pyranha US for his support and for sending Brian Day over to teach.


Brian Day (note the tow rope!). Photo by Dominick Lemarie.

Thanks to Ben Lawry for his great technical coaching and for selling over $1400 worth of raffle tickets – all proceeds going to the Marine Mammal Center.


Ben Lawry styling it at Yellow Bluff. Photo by Dominick Lemarie.

Thanks to Dave White, Matt Nelson and especially Jamie Klein for bringing lots of new toys for everyone to play with.


Dave White, ready to do battle with the Tsunami Rangers. Photo by Dominick Lemarie


Matt Nelson enjoying the sunshine (finally). Photo by Dominick Lemarie.


Jeff Laxier of Liquid Fusion Kayaking showing how it's done in the Delphin. Photo by Dominick Lemarie


Local instructor for California Canoe & Kayak, Bill Vonnegut playing at Yellow Bluff in his Delphin. Photo by Dominick Lemarie.

Thanks to all the volunteers, instructors and of course the students – please come back for more fun next year.

We particularly welcome participants (instructors and students) from overseas so please contact us through the website www.ggsks.com if you want to know more. And for the folk in the mid west and on the east coast of the US that have been braving the blizzards this winter, this was the scene on Sunday morning of the symposium. So if you fancy some ice free paddling – come and join us next year!


Photo by Dominick Lemarie