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Month: January 1970

The Cumberland Ring, a circumnavigation of the Lake District

Last week 3 of us, Jimski and Sean and I set off with a plan to paddle all the way round the Lake District. We used Pyranha fusions for the inland bits and members of the Cetus family for the coast. We paddled a total of 340km in 7 days in massively varied scenary. here are a few pictures…


The Cumberland Ring, a circumnavigation of the Lake District

Delphin Mystery Tour


Lake Natoma Paddlefest, CA


California Canoe and Kayak in Rancho Cordova, CA hosted the annual Lake Natoma Paddlefest last weekend. Northern California had been experiencing some unusually cool and cloudy weather recently but the sun came out for the Paddlefest which ensured a good turnout of both new and existing paddlers.


It was the perfect occasion for my wife Gina to give our daughter her first kayaking lesson.


Success at the Golden Gate!

Cetus & Scorpio


At the Kanumesse in Nürnberg I was happy to meet Sammy and Pez from P&H .

I was even happier leaving the exibition with 2 new boats on the roof of my car.

A brand new kevlar carbon cetus und a PE scorpio


Light as a feather: my cetus…

The next several weeks my friends and me where testing the boats. Here are some pictures:



Hao in her Scorpio at the end of the day.


Carsten testing the the bow rudder….

Great boats!!!

Happy paddling


Lake Superior Boatin'

OK-this isn’t really a sea kayaking post at all, but spring is here and that means that the water is running INTO Lake Superior from spring snowmelt. We get a few good weeks of whitewater boating on steep obscure northern rivers each spring. A tight schedule made last weekend my only shot at the spring water. After working the Midwest Mountaineering Spring Adventure Expo, I jumped into the car and headed for the UP.

Pete on the Tylers Fork

Florida's winter symposium

The last week of Febuaray each year Sweetwater Kayaks hosts a BCU/Greenland skills week and then on the weekend the Symposium proper.

This year the weather was superb! Sunny days in the low 70’sF, and warm clear water for rolling , and playing in.

With people from as far away as Australia the contingent of people was very international. Level 5 coaches , Gordon Brown from Scotland, Steve Maynard from Maine , a couple of Level 5 Aspirants and several L4 ,L3 and L2 coaches nicely rounded things out…the Greenland folks Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson were on hand teaching to full classes.

It was a great break for most from the clutches of winter. Next year will be the 12th annual and already promises to be better than ever.


Well, kids, Rutabaga’s Canoecopia is in a week and it ought to be a barn burner this year. I will be doing a “Kayak Games” lecture as well as a pool show with Danny Mongo. The premeire of “This is the Sea 3” will also happen on Saturday night at a local, very cool pub.

This event kicks off the year for us at P&H as well as fires up most of the paddlers in the Midwest. I look forward to seeing alot of my old friends there as well as meeting some new ones.

You can check out the whole deal at

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