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Puffin Island & The Menai Strait

I recently visited the sunny and sheltered shores of eastern Anglesey. Its good to know that some things don’t change much. Puffin Island was buzzing with thousands of cliff nesting sea birds and its waters surrounded by inquisitive seals.

Photo: Kev Robinson

The Arctic and sandwich Terns have arrived and their hovering and plunge diving for fish is as entertaining as ever.

Click here to view a 2 minute video clip

Heading southwest down the Menai Strait we passed Beaumaris before the tidal stream picked up and carried us swiftly towards Menai Bridge and the Swellies.


Photo: Kev Robinson

The currents in the Swellies have a fearsome reputation amongst mariners but with the right skills and knowledge the waves and eddies can be great fun in canoes and kayaks.

The music on the video is from the album ‘Aurora’ by Michael McGoldrick.

Ravenglass Seaquest 2011

Sunday saw the fifth annual seaquest race at Ravenglass. Seaquest is a cross between sea kayaking and orienteering, with 20 checkpoints arranged around the three estuaries at Ravenglass (West Cumbria, UK) You have three hours to visit as many as possible, in any order, to win points, but risk losing points for returning late.


I entered in a Cetus LV and I’m convinced that the designers at P&H have included a sneaky little propeller, as I won the women’s race and would have been third in the men’s. I even managed to beat a few epic/taran racing kayaks.







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