It’s a hard job but someone has got to do it!

With the excellent tides and opportunity for a film crew and speed boat, we obviously jumped at the chance of a P&H and Pyranha photoshoot at the famous Bitches tiderace in Pembrokeshire.


Setting out just before sunrise meant we got to see this awesome sight, and arrived at the race as it was building, giving us plenty of time to set up the equipment and get everyone used to the features.


With a full range of the brand new play boats from P&H and a rather lovely Carbon version of the Pyranha Molan we were armed with enough toys to really get the most out of the day.


Yes that is the very first Carbon Molan, paddled by Bren Orton.


So the tide built and we moved into the middle of the race (a nice big boat really helps here) to get some shots of the Aries, the composite version of the Delphin, both designed to be quick, manoeuvrable and surf big green waves like an absolute dream.




Nigel Robinson from Sea Kayak Guides was our host for the day, setting up logistics and putting us up fir the night, chatting here to Bren about getting on the wave.


All in all a dam fine morning out, and we were back in time for breakfast!

Film coming soon!