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The perfect all day wave!

Surfing all day video

What is the perfect wave? It’s any wave you can catch and play on all day!

Spring Surf…Finally!

Spring Surf

Winter seems to have finally relaxed its grip, and I managed to get out for a little spring surfing yesterday. The water is still quite cold (36F / 2C) and despite a sunny, 55F / 13C day, a steady 20kn onshore wind made temps feel downright frigid.

Spring Surf



A Calm Day in Death's Door

Bow Control

Where the heck is the nose of your kayak? Are you looking at it or are you feeling it? These are questions I constantly ask my sea kayaking students when paddling in strong currents or crossing eddylines.

Door County

Rethinking Rescue Stirrups


I recently followed a lengthy debate on a popular paddling forum regarding the pros and cons of rescue stirrups (aka rescue slings). A rescue sling is a device used to help a swimmer who can’t seem to pull themselves up onto their boat during a rescue. Although I’d definitely consider a stirrup to be a last resort, there are times as a guide that a stirrup has proven a quick and effective way of getting a cold and tired paddler back in their boat.


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