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Nerdy Guys paddle too.

Sea Kayak River Clinic
This funny clip above is from our monthly “Sea Kayak Intro River Clinics”. Instead of driving three hours to teach new paddlers how to paddle in rip tides & tidal flows, we take them to the river and do a “simulated” intro tidal flow clinic. It works real good and develops great confidence before they perform their first ferry in the ocean.

Enjoy nerds in action!
Captain Penguin

Sea Kayak River Clinic

Shetland Sea Kayaking – Scotland

Shetland Rock Architecture

Shetland is a cluster of inhabited islands located to the North of Scotland and without out doubt offers some of the most spectacular paddling in the World

Ornate Arches in Shetland

Another one of the many fantastic arches in Shetland.

Shetland Rock Architecture

Just one of the thousands of stunning natural rock arches found on Shetland

Emitting CO2

Manila Bay, North Bass Island

Zero Emissions Paddling

One of the attractions of kayaking is that it is a low-impact way of exploring the wilderness. And that’s true…to an extent. Once we’re in the water, we’re totally zero emissions. But what about getting there?

Birds of a feather flock together

Garth & Carrie

What a wonderful weekend of paddling. Each month the Penguin Paddlers Kayak Club travel somewhere for a three day road trip.

Penguins in the canyon

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