It seems hard to remember back to 1st August now when the wind was blowing and the sun was shining but Summit to Sea had an amazing few demo days over on Anglesey.

P8020157Together with Pete Baars we had the biggest range of P&H boats out on the beach I have ever seen.

The Saturday we had super strong winds so a day of hiding and playing amongst the buoys and boats in Porth Diana was the topic for the day. The clients had a great time testing the turning capabilities and stability across the P&H range, The Cetus and Scorpio LV being the winners it appeared.

The boats we had on offer included the Sirius, Cetus, Cetus LV, Capella 161, 163, 167, 173, Quest and Quest LV in composite layups.

The Scorpio, Scorpio LV, Capella 160, 166 in plastic and a few demos from the Venture plastic range, the Easky 15 and 17.

The second day was way calmer especially as we seeked shelter in the Menai Straits.


The event was also being run so Hannah Engelkamp edititor for the Outdoor Adventure Guide, could sample the delights Anglesey, in North Wales as well testing out the sea kayaks, following up from her day with Team Paddler Chris Eastabrook in the Pyranha Fusions on Lake Windermere earlier in the year.

The Menai Straits is an awesome venue with both interesting scenery, as well as fast tidal currents to test yourself in the lumpy water, but turn the corner and you can be in a quiet eddy admiring the figure of Lord Nelson, Telford’s Menai Suspension Bridge or Stevensons Box Construction Brittainia Bridge.

A perfect place………….