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Month: November 2009




The Cetus on edge


The Cetus on edge

The Butze Tidal Rapids

The past couple years I’ve spent a considerable amount of time chasing after big tidal rapids like Skookumchuck, Okisollo, Bay of Funday and others for the Pacific Horizons and Eastern Horizons films. While on face value the goal of shooting these locations appears to revolve around capturing big, scary looking footage, tidal race sea kayaking is actually what I consider “fun” in a sea kayak. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all aspects of the sport, but playing in the tide has become an addiction. An obsession to find different features, waves and challenges that keep pushing my abilities and interests. This year we honed in on another new location. The Butze Tidal Rapids in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Considered to be the largest tidal rapids on the west coast, we did as much prep work as possible before boarding the ferry at Port Hardy and traveling 15 hours north.

Port Hardy Ferry

Bryan on the ebb at Butze

Bryan Smith taking a downriver line through the big ebb at the Butze tidal rapids. Photo by Phil Tifo.

Butze team shot

Bryan Smith, Paul Kuthe, Dave White and Nick Jacob all hanging around the camera. Photo by Phil Tifo

Dave White at Butze

Dave White surfing a side channel wave 10 feet from camp.

Butze Arrival

Bryan Smith walking across one of the main islands at the Butze Tidal Rapids. Photo by Phil Tifo.

Port Hardy Ferry

Getting packed to leave for the Butze Tidal Rapids at the Port Hardy Ferry Terminal. Photo by Phil Tifo

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