Well, for many folks across North America, the paddling season is winding down. I am happy to say that its just getting started up here on Vancouver Island. The first of the winter storms are building out in the Pacific, the clouds are thickening and the rain has started. All this means some awesome paddling ove the next few months! Now only if I can get some time out from the desk…

Skills 09

Its been a great 2009 season. Lots of interesting programs.

The season started with some currents paddling with Erik Ogaard at a secret location (sorry guys, I’m under oath). Not a great wave for surfing, but lots of fun, funky boils and whirlpools and a few curious sea lions.


The best part was the water-side wood fired sauna at the end of the day. The summer season ended with a group of 15 year olds on a short 5 day tour out of Tofino. The first day was punctuated by heavy rain but the ocean gods and goddesses were kind and sunshine prevailed for the rest of the trip. The only disappointment was the shortage of whales, as many greys had already moved south. We did have a loud shouting match with a bunch of lonely young male sea lions though. We barked and growled for over 30 minutes with our animal-human choir in a cacophany of sound of which Sonic Youth would be proud.

The good news is, the teaching continues into the winter season. I’m heading out to the Broken Group Islands next week to run a Paddle Canada Level 3 with some of my favourite local paddlers from Deep Cove (of Hurrican Riders fame- check out their video’s on youtube). After that, I hope to squeeze in a bunch of personal paddling. I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new P&H Capella 167 – green/white with red trim-some time this fall so I can head down to visit Sean at the Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium in February in style. Should be lots of fun and a great opportunity to learn and share with others across North America. Anyway, stay tuned and I will add details about our winter adventures on the rainy, windy, and thoroughly enjoyable west coast.