The distinctive look of ECCKF.
A few of many displays by the pond.

P&H was well represented at ECCKF by the team from Asheville, and team paddlers: Ben Lawry, Bryan Smith, Russell Farrow, Donna & Don Thompson, and Tom Nickels. And, Karen Knight was there with a team logo on her spiffy new Cetus LV.

4 of the 6 Blue Angels

Some Blue Angels in a tight bank.

Here are 4 of the 6 Blue Angels. throughout the weekend we were treated (?) to the sounds of acrobatic jet aircraft. Once in a while we even saw them.

Karen Knight putting her kayak into a spin.

Karen Knight

Here is Karen Knight putting her new Cetus LV into a spin.

Tent Session
Taking a break after teaching a class.

Team members spent many hours teach on-the-water classes, doing skill demos, and giving lectures in tents or classrooms.

On the left is a typical tent session. This one is What’s the right paddle for you?

On the right: Donna & Don taking a break after teaching .