Happy 2008 to all of my fellow paddlers! Sorry I have been a little absent on the Blog this winter and it appears that my fellow bloggers have been as well. I have been on the water just as much as always (3 to 5 days a week) and I’ve had my hands full with opening another Kayak Store in Rocklin, CA. Penguin Paddlers Pro Shop – Rocklin

I am very excited for 2008 and I think this will be the best year for the kayaker & kayak industry ever.

Here in California we are seeing Baby Boomers flooding into the sport in alarming numbers and it brings up a new issue that will need to be addressed soon… how are we going to educate them in a safe, speedy, efficient and effective manner. Now is a great time for current sea kayak instructors to mature and become top-level coaches & trainers. It would also be a great time for our white-water paddling young adults to get more involved in Sea Kayaking! Their talent and strength will be needed by old-timers like myself.

I am encouraged by the surge of kayaking expeditions happening around the globe this year and hope to be a part of several myself. My buddy Bryan Smith was down here last month for the premier of his new movie Pacific Horizons and the response was awesome. We were up late each evening brainstorming for trips, filming opportunities, instructional symposiums and just general dreaming of new adventure. It seems that I’m not the only one itching for adventure this year.

I applaud Justin & James who are finishing up their difficult journey across the Tasman Sea as I write this. Way to go Mates! Crossing the Ditch – For that matter I applaud anyone who has recently finished up an Epic Event and I look forward to seeing photos or video of any footage taken while chasing your dreams.

May you all have a fabulous 2008… now I’m off to go make more memories of my own!

See you on the water! Captain Penguin