Shetland Rock Architecture

Shetland is a cluster of inhabited islands located to the North of Scotland and without out doubt offers some of the most spectacular paddling in the WorldOrnate Arches in Shetland

It is feasable to paddle to the Shetland Isles from mainland Scotland via the Orkney Isles and Fair Isle, but this is a very big and commiting trip to say the least!! The usual way to get to Shetland would be by ferry however, this then will give you a lifetimes worth of exploration paddling the Shetland Isles. The islands offer coastal scenery that is second to none with an unbelievable mix of huge cliffs, massive arches, towering sea stacks and endless caves. Add to this a quite unique mix of wildlife with more sightings of whales, dolphins, porpoises then anywhere in the UK, along with a vast array of birdlife. It is easy to spend your time kayaking day trips to explore the islands or just packing the kayaks and exploring them for as many weeks as you have spare. There is a new guide book being published by Pesda Press due our this spring for these fantastic Islands or check out for a trip to Shetland Sea kayaking. So for this summer definitely think of visiting this amzing place for sea kayak adventures.