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Bryan Smith/team vehicle shot

Shot of the P&H team vehicle on the Eastern Horizons tour

Bryan Smith/quirpon lighthouse

Fish eye shot of Quirpon Island lighthouse

Bryan Smith/LA and Bryan Scouting

LA and Bryan scouting out route through ice bergs

Bryan Smith/paddling with bergs

Bryan Smith and Lise-Anne Beyries next to a huge ice berg in Newfoundland.

Bryan Smith/ filming icebergs

Bryan Smith shooting ice bergs in Newfoundland


Bryan Smith/cape chignecto

Lise-Anne Beyries paddling past the sisters at sunset Cape Chignecto, NB


Bryan Smith/reversing falls

Bryan Smith in the eddy below the side channel at the Reversing Falls, NB

Bryan Smith/mainelobstertraps

Lise-Anne Beyries and John Carmody paddling in near Bristol Bay, ME

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