Two more new team members here – Donna & Don Thompson, from St Petersburg, FL. We’ve been anxiously awaiting our new team kayaks, which arrived during our show schedule at the Florida State Fair. We were scheduled for 9 shows, but added on and did 15 shows.

On the last day the sun came out, the temps reached into the low 60s and the wind was above 18 knots. What a great day!

I had been watching the Olympics on TV and noticed how the skiers always held their skies up for the pictures after each run. I sensed a photo opportunity there at the fair, and decided to do the same thing to show off our Scorpios. Donna went along with the idea, and with the help of a quite stout friend, we were ready.


Don & Donna posing like Olympic skiers.

If you look carefully you will see parts of a large man hiding behind Donna’s kayak. Being quite windy, he was there to save anyone who might be in the landing zone should a gust of wind knock the kayak away from Donna. Little did he know, that Donna is more stable than I am. He should have been behind my kayak.


Getting set for "the shot".

Snow skiers don’t have to work this hard for their photo. Notice the flags blowing out straight. The wind was so strong (how strong was it?) that the camera person couldn’t even keep the camera level.