Well this short paddle was just the second since surgery on my back, the first was a chilly night paddle and this one was in 6 degrees of frost and around 8cm of snow……
We started at 0700…. in the dark with frozen fingers & toes, I slipped into the cockpit and remembered I still had my wellington boots over my drysuit…… a tight fit but workable šŸ™‚
The sunrise made the effort worthwhile…..
Some areas were starting to freeze over, this little fishy will not be getting any bigger, I think his name is Findus…
The chocolate dispenser on the foredeck was frozen, as was the skeg šŸ˜‰
This is the end of our little outing, what a great way to start the day
As you can see, the end markers on my Cetus are still attached, The decklines & elastics were frozen solid…..

Have a great Christmas, and remember, the best cure for Christmas blues is…… to paddle