After many happy hours of planning, and a winter of training trips I finally had a combination of a biggish tide, calmish weather and time off work. My target was to paddle round Anglesey, solo, in a time faster than fourteen and a half hours.

Ready to set off, 5amP1000765

Passing Penmon Lighthouse, 75km paddled, 47 to go


The finish, Cable Bay. Toal of 122km paddled in 13hrs 8 mins


The Cetus LV again performed really well. It’s narrow in front of the cockpit facilitating an efficient upright paddle stroke. It handles well in tide races, being easy to steer but still holds a course well. And most importantly on trips of this length, the cockpit was very comfortable. I have a custom fitted bulkhead in my boat allowing a variety of foot positions so after more than thirteen hours paddling I can still walk.