Hello everybody, I’d like to introduce myself to the P&H Paddlers world. I work for Saltwater Sports, a kayak outfitter in Southwest Florida and love paddling sea kayaks. I am very excited to join this wonderful team. I got my Cetus LV a couple months ago and have fallen in love with it. I have paddled British boats since the beginning and never have paddled anything close to the performance of it.

First Time In Cetus

Rough water paddling and surfing is my favorite part of kayaking. Expedition paddling and rolling would be the next favorite. The LV enabled me to progress so much further in my rolling it’s unbelievable.

Balance Brace in Cetus LV

I can’t wait to get my new Team Boat and really do some tripping. Hopefully we get some surf soon and I can get some good reports up. The Cetus LV is by far my dream boat and I look forward to posting some hardcore trip reports.

Cetus LV from Stern