Spring tides and springtime brought the best out in Bardsey Island, north Wales last weekend. The combination of swell from the south, along with powerful tidal streams brought the surrounding waters dramatically to life all along the rocky shores.

Kev and Gill along with Matt and Chris made the crossing in canoes packed with buoyancy and supplies. The remaining four paddlers carried their cargo in sea kayaks.

Away from the rocks and reefs the sea was pleasantly calm although the booming of the waves pounding the shore was a relentless reminder of the ocean’s might. The golden hazy light and the unusually warm temperatures felt more like mid June than late March.

meadow pipit

Bird life is getting busy all over the island. The sea birds arriving in huge numbers including the Manx shearwaters. In the hedgerows, amongst the flowering gorse and along the stone walls all manner of small brown birds like wren and dunnock are enjoying rich pickings.

Having spent the night in one of the cottages there was just enough time for a short morning walk before heading back to the mainland.