As I load another log into the woodstove, and chip ice from the rain barrel for washing the dishes, I think fondly about some prime paddling memories of 2009, and wish I had some good winter shots to share, but alas– my winter paddling excursions aren’t always the most photogenic adventures. Like paddling across Rosario Strait to hang out with my friend Joe, on another island, or the time my friend Matt Ross and I paddled all night around San Juan island in February. Instead, some good shots from ’09, with the promise of more to come.

2010 holds a lot of promise for fun, adventure and good coaching opportunities…first, Golden Gate Symposium will be excellent and I’m looking forward to doing my bit to help make it a success, as well as Tom Pogson’s Alaska Kayak School symposium in May–a chance to paddle waters I love, coach with other good folks, and visit home where my parents still live.