The 2011 Lumpy Waters Kayak Symposium was over for another year. Organized by Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe it was once again an excellent event with great comaraderie, paddling and learning. On the first day there was an incident that involved some bad decision-making by yours truly (with others) that thankfully and luckily did not result in loss of life (a full account of this incident can be found on Mark Whittaker’s blog).

Once again, after three days of teaching classes some of the coaches (including PH paddlers Chris Lockyer, Matt Nelson and Sean Morley) took the opportunity to cut loose and go play. We chose Three Arches Rocks as the venue for this now annual Play Day and the increasing westerly swell produced some big waves for us to play in.

Matt Nelson running a big pour-over with Sean Morley providing safety. Photo by Bryant Burkhardt

Matt running the same pourover on an even bigger wave. Photo by Bryant Burkhardt

Sean Morley turned back by a close-out wave in one of the arches. Photo by Jeff Laxier

Sean Morley surfing the Delphin watched by Chris Lockyer. Photo by Bryant Burkhardt

Matt Nelson carving in the Delphin 155. Photo by Chris Lockyer

Sean flying down wave in the Delphin 155. Photo by Jeff Laxier

After a very stressful experience on Friday and much introspection and insomnia it felt soooo good!