Last year, P&H launched their new “kink-free” skeg system. The system combines the best of both worlds: the ease of maintenance of a rope skeg with the precise trimming found in cable skegs. Moreover, the system is lightweight and fully field maintainable. While some kayak companies are making things more complicated (pneumatic skegs, for instance), I think the P&H approach of simple solutions for simple problems makes a great deal of sense.

Like anything new, however, there’s a bit of a learning curve involved as people learn how the new technology functions. In my travels this summer, I’ve come across a few paddlers who’ve said they find the new skeg difficult to deploy. As it turns out, every one of those individuals was engaging the click slider on the skeg the wrong way. As soon as I showed them the correct technique (pushing forward to unlock the slider, not squeezing the trigger!), they were thrilled.

To get the word out, I put together this little video going over the system, how to deploy it, and how to adjust the tension on the skeg. Considering I was able to remove and replace the skeg system with one hand, while filming with my digital camera in the other, I’d say it’s pretty easy…even for a guy with two left thumbs like me! Enjoy!