For the past six years William and I have spent our summers playing around in canoes in Sweden and at home here in Denmark, now William has been thrown in at the deep-end of kayaking….


This is only the second time he has been out in a kayak….. it looks like he is a natural…


Our few hours on a local lake turned out to be a bit of an attraction as William balanced on the back deck, kissed the boats nose, and did loads of self rescues, tourists in the many canoes clapped & took pictures 🙂


The ‘Play-boat” used was the Cetus LV, rather big for a boy of ten, but a good 15 liters of water secured in the day hatch helped to press the hull into the water.


Next week we will be heading to Sweden with some friends on a kayak trip with inbuilt games, popcorn & marshmellows roasted over a bonfire….. is there a better way to spend time together ?