We really appreciate it when someone takes the time to restore one of our old kayaks to its former glory….

Dear Pat and Perran

Many thanks for your help in restoring Unmak number 11. As you can see form the enclosed, all traces of the sparkly purple car paint have gone and the golden yellow polished up beautifully. The hull is also a clean white. The Eagle decal went on very well and really adds to the character. The Umnak harpoon decal came through very well. Basically I scanned the image from the material you sent increased the size and photoshopped it to a tidy black and white file. I tried a couple of boat name places, but names4boats.cm based in Penzance was the only ones with a realistic quote.

My son and I had a lot of fun in the purple incarnation of the Umnak at the end of last year and are looking forward to some good times this year – the only pity is that one of us has to be in the old slalom kayak. Still, we are on the look out for another restoration job.

Thanks again and do let me know if you would like the harpoon decal file.


Peter McGregor


P&H Umnak No. 11 was originally made late 1978 – Early 1979 for for Mr Granlund of Washington, Tyne and Wear

Now happily owned by Mr P McGregor for Cornwall.