Ben on the rocks.

This photo of Ben says it all…

Well, we had a wonderful time and the P&H Pros were well represented! The symposium was a huge success and the participation was beyond expectations for a first annual event.

It has already been confirmed that this event will be continuing each year. I can only imagine how big it will be next year.

The weather was perfect. The company was perfect. The camaraderie was perfect. The location was perfect. Fun was had by all! The coaches pitched in for a Saturday night raffle and raised $575 for the Marine Mammal Center.

A special “thank you” went out to all the coaches who made the trek to the Bay Area – Nigel Dennis, Tom Bergh, Steve Maynard, Tom Pogson, Nige Robinson, Djuna Mascall, Matt Nelson, Rob Avery, Bryant Burkhardt, Ben Lawry, Andy Walters, Jim Kennedy, Dave White, Roger Schumann, Marce Wise, Duane Strosaker, Garth Schmeck, Sean Morley, Jen Kleck & Helen Wilson.

To view some of the event photos click here.
To see a short video that shows the weather and water conditions click here.

Of course, everyone was jealous of Ben and I, each in a beautiful new P&H! Ben was in a pure white Cetus and I paddled a Blue Metalflake Cetus (it stopped everyone who saw it!)

Enjoy, Captain Penguin