Last month I paddled the 75 miles of the Lost Coast of California with three friends, all of us instructors with California Canoe & Kayak.

I decided to use the P&H Delphin to demonstrate that it is a great expedition/playboat crossover.

Surfing one of the many reef and point breaks along the Lost Coast. Photo by Bryant Burkhardt

The plan was to exploit every play spot and the Delphin, despite it’s full load was really fun.

Stunning coastline. Photo by Bryant Burkhardt

We passed mile after mile of stunning coastline and found some wonderful campsites.

One of many arches we passed through. Photo by Bryant Burkhardt

This is Ghost Point, a ‘secret’ surf spot that has earned it’s place in California surf folklore.

Looking south from Ghost Point

We found this cool cave and I was so busy filming I forgot to watch out for the rock! Check it out on You Tube.
You can read my full account of our journey on or CCK Staff Blog.
The Delphin had plenty of space for a multi-day journey and whilst it certainly isn’t as fast as my Cetus MV, when we found a feature and started to play I was so happy to be in my Delphin. It rocks!

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