After returning from a hectic weekend of non-stop input & thought provocation, I am now filled with ideas and questions.

The European paddle pass systaem, has been adopted here in Denmark as in many other mainland european countries. After passing the L2 seakayak instructor exam last year, I have been waiting to find out how the coach training here in Denmark would be compared to coach training under the new BCU system. Well I arrived Friday evening to find five other trainees and three coaches, so from the very start it was an intensive process with such a high trainer to trainee ratio. Denmark has more than its fair share of top instructors with a diverse background. Over the course of the weekend we worked on:

  • The 5 B’s
  • VAK
  • Coaching
  • Levels (What seperates a level 2 paddler from a level 3 paddler etc.)
  • Assessment
  • Feedback

During Sunday morning the 6 trainees delivered a 20 minute session that we had prepared before arriving on the course, it was great fun and really exciting, it is not that often that you get to teach 5 other coaches & 3 top trainers.
Epp level 3
It was great to see two other trainees in matching Bahiyas (The Bahiya boys….. :-).)

I will post more about the weekend and the VAKs, Bs and other starnge sounding subjects on my own site as time allows.