Joining the team of P&H Paddlers is such a treat! Not only do I get to play with some of the finest sea kayaks on the planet:

Capella 167

I also get access to Pyranha’s whitewater kayaks as well such as the new Karnali which for a sea boater like me is the perfect craft for tackling my first California waterfall, Indian Falls in the Feather River drainage:


California’s rivers are full of snow melt right now and I was lucky enough to add three new rivers to my very short ‘tick’ list during a recent road trip to the Sierras. The perfect antidote for a temporarily land-locked sea paddler!
Anyone living in or travelling to California that wants to demo a P&H sea kayak or any of the Pyranha range feel free to give me a call: 415-816-8746 or emal: