Alan has wanted to do this trip since school after reading about Nigel Dennis and Paul Caffin kayaking round the UK back in 1980. Loving the idea of the adventure they spoke of and the amazing places they passed he had an idea of kayaking out of the Clyde and back into the forth, this has grown into this trip.

Alan plans to kayak from the Solway Firth around the coast of Scotland taking in as many islands as possible and the Outer Hebrides, finishing in Eyemouth 3 months later. Alan paddles on behalf of three charities, The Erbs Palsy Group, The Children’s Hand Surgery and The Brachial Plexus Injury Service after their support and help in giving his son Cameron the use of his arm after he was born with Erbs palsy injury to his left arm.

Leaving – Solway Firth – Mid April

Return – Eyemouth – Mid July